Dorfman Design Builders offers complete remodeling & design/build services for homeowners and small business owners alike. We have completed a wide range of design/build projects varying not only in scope but also in price and it is this flexibility that sets us apart from our competitors.

Larry "Fearless Leader" Dorfman has been in charge of the asylum since 1985. He says his most difficult challenge is maintaining his sartorial image in an industry not known for making fashion statements. Larry's sense of humor and easygoing style has served both our clients and staff well over the past 18 years. Just remember that even though he thinks he knows everything he really doesn't.
Cindy Barnes, COO aka "The Boss" brings over 30 years of experience in the remodeling industry to the table. After completing her education at Florida State , majoring in interior design, she operated her own company in the Tampa/St. Pete area before traveling north to Naptown. She arrived in 1995 and immediately took over running the show. Once you meet her you will understand.

Old Reliable Kent Leasure is one of our lead carpenters. This strange visitor from another time zone has been pounding nails for us since the early 1990's. He doesn't say that much but his quiet efficiency and long term reliability have made him an asset to our company and an excellent leader to have on your project. I hope you enjoy his company and quality on your job.

Vern Jeffries (The Bearded Wonder) is another of our lead carpenters. He is aptly named because of his beard and because you will wonder at his ability and expertise. This youngster has been remodeling for close to 40 years and his experience and craftsmanship are without equal. He is not only a good worker but also a good man. If he's on your project you are in for a rare treat.
Jumping Jeff Ader heads up the maintenance and re-hab division. This hard worker has been in the trenches with us since 1996. He is a high-energy guy who maintains a fast pace all day on our client's behalf. This is one guy who wants to get it done right everytime. I think he just realized that he had a full head of hair when he got started with us. I guess grass doesn't grow on a busy road.
Cliff "Pirate" Hobson earned his nickname a few years ago while wearing a bandanna on his head. The kid's at the job site immediately fell in love with the pirate working on their house and the nickname stuck. He has been an integral part of the team since 1993 and in many ways is the glue that keeps everyone working together. If you need a friendly, helping hand just look for Cliff.

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